April 8, 2012

Bucket List

If you've spent much time around this blog, you know that, being in grad school, our current living situation is temporary. In other words, we have an expiration date. In just over a year, we'll be packing up and moving.  Most days, it is hard to believe that we're nearly 2/3 of the way through our time here.  And 'here' is actually a pretty great place to be.

Before we moved down, (knowing that our time would be limited) we made a list of things that we wanted to make sure we did/saw/experienced before we left, making the most of our time here.  So, as promised, here is our "Things To Do Before We Leave Forest Grove," or The Portland Bucket List.
  1. Visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory - done 1/7-1/8/12
  2. Go to Tree-to-Tree Adventure Park - done 8/4/12
  3. Do an Oregon Wine Tour/Tasting - done 1/8/12
  4. Go to Roloff Farms - done 10/15/11
  5. Visit Oregon Zoo ChristmasLights - done 12/9/11
  6. Visit the Newport Aquarium
  7. Visit The Grotto at Christmastime
  8. Graduate OD School
  9. Run the Portland Marathon
  10. Attend a Blazer’s Game - done 3/3/12
  11. Attend a Timber’s Game - done 8/5/12
  12. Voodoo Donuts - done 8/5/12
  13. Visit the Rose Gardens - done 8/4/12
Any thing you locals would add to our must see / must do list?


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